The Drop-Down Menus under this Royal Haplogroups Menu above shows the list of known Royal European YDNA Haplogroups. The bar high as to who is included in this list, based on:

1. Known Medieval or Ancient Skeletons being examined and tested, with verifiable Papers being written up on the findings;

2. Detailed published books that use either YDNA matching (i.e. refer to Wettin Haplogroup) or atDNA matching (refer to Hesse Haplogroup) techniques (which include multiple triangulation methodologies) to prove their case, with the resultant YDNA Haplogroup SNP details having been  extracted.

It is estimated that at least 110 Million men currently living in Europe are R1b Haplogroup, which predominately R-M269. The majority of the Royal Haplogroups are R1b, but not all of them.

There are two methods available for determining the origins of mankind in Western  Europe. One is through obtaining details on ancient skeletons and mapping their location and associated origins. The second is through determining the Haplogroups of European Royal Houses (who have known ancestral family trees going back to pre-1000AD), and plotting their YDNA data on to their respective DNA Phylogenetic trees (which shows the evolutionary tree of life) of European Mankind.

By progressing both methods, we will significantly assist with joining the dots between known European history from present back to pre-1000AD vs pre-European written history going back to 5000BC.

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